How to Generate Ensemble in JEDI-MPAS

Hi, everyone
I’m new to jedi-mpas and trying to use GenEnsPertB app to generate an ensemble forecast.
However, it seems that the templated gen_ens_pert_B.yaml didn’t work well with mpasjedi_gen_ens_pert_B.x app. And online documents about generating ensemble seem to be different from the templated gen_ens_pert_B.yaml file.
I wonder if I miss something. So is there any detailed guidance about generating ensemble in jedi-mpas?

Thanks a lot!

GenEnsPertB doesn’t work with jedi-mpas at present, or at least no one at NCAR has used it and the corresponding ctest is disabled. Some updating and massaging of yaml’s will likely be necessary to use it, as you’ve found.

Perhaps a bigger limitation is that you’ll need to specify the background covariance B. (The ensemble perturbations are drawn from a Gaussian with covariance B.) We don’t currently supply a realistic B with jedi-mpas; that may change when we release 3DVar for jedi-mpas, probably sometime within the next 12 moths.