Nicas_norm component is too large

Is there a way to solve the complaint at the end of nicas_gfs calculation saying “!!! ABORT in bump_get_parameter on task #000052: nicas_norm component is too large”? I am trying to train staticb at C192 resolution. The error message shows up even when only surface pressure is involved.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @xtian15. The NICAS smoother can deal with multiple components (e.g. a combination of GC99 functions with different length-scales and weights) to change the convolution function shape. The message you are getting means that you are requesting the writing of a component whose index is larger than the number of components actually computed. For instance, you have computed NICAS with 2 components, and you are requesting component 3. I think you should look at your yaml file to make sure that the component key is small enough for all the items of the output section.

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That makes perfect sense! Merci @benjaminmenetrier !