pyCRTM installation cannot find crtm_module.mod

Hi, I was able to get CRTM successfully installed on my machine (after running “make check”, I get “Test Successful”), but I am running into some trouble when trying to install pyCRTM when following the JCSDA/pycrtm github. It says it cannot find the “crtm_module.mod” file even though I’m able to locate it at both “~/crtm/crtm_build/crtm_v2.4.0-alpha/include/crtm_module.mod” and “~/crtm/src/Build/libsrc/crtm_module.mod”. I have changed the path in setup.cfg to both paths pointing to this file, but neither paths worked. Any suggestions would be great.

Hi Cas,

Try using the complete path (e.g., “/home/users/cas/CRTM/build/libsrc/” or whatever it is, rather than the “~” path in the setup.cfg, see if that works.


I tried it set to the full path without “~”, still receiving the same error