Run CRTM with model output

We are very new to CRTM. We have doubts related to the calculation of brightness temperature with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model Output. A single-moment microphysical scheme (WSM3) is used in these runs. To our knowledge, only the mixing ratio of hydrometeors are is available in this output. Is it possible to calculate the brightness temperature by using CRTM from this WRF output??

Thank you.


I’m not an expert in WRF, but many people have done this successfully. You may wish to reach out to the WRF community to find out how it’s been done already.

Generically, mixing ratio is one of the first places to start. At some point, there has to be a relationship between mixing ratio of the given hydrometeor type and a particle size distribution. The temperature, effective radius, and water content for the given hydrometeor type are then inputs to CRTM.

Please start on this page, and you can find contacts for support for WRF, in particular, WRFDA users/developers will know the most about using CRTM with WRF