Staticb and var for aerosols

I’d like to build staticb and var files for aerosols using the BUMP fv3jedi_parameters.x along with staticb_var_gfs.yaml. I see that there are a number of steps that this depends on, but I’m not sure all of them apply to aerosols. If this is something that can be done at this time, I’d like to open an issue on github and start working on it, but would like to get some feedback first on whether this is possible. @benjaminmenetrier

I am testing this first on Met data, using the ctests. It looks like there is a sequence of steps that are needed. @benjaminmenetrier Please let me know whether this is correct. Also, I’m not seeing the yaml file staticb_ens-to_psichi… in the testinputs (This list is from CMakeLists.txt).

fv3jedi_convertstate.x staticb_ens-to-psichi_gfs.yaml
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_vbal
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_unbal
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_var-mom
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_vbal_gfs.yaml
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_var_gfs.yaml
fv3jedi_parameters.x staticb_cor_gfs.yaml