Construction of bump files from yaml

I’d like to know how the filenames to be read in are defined in hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero.yaml. In particular, the filename constructed from bumpparameters_nicas_gfs_aero.yaml seems to be incorrect, but the log file doesn’t explicitly give the name of the file that it is trying to read.

How do I find this file name? And can I write it out from ParametersBUMP.h ?

Hi @andytangborn. Thanks for posting your feedback on the JEDI forum.

The answer to your question might be partially found in this email exchange I just copied/pasted on the forum. And the NICAS files read in hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero for the localization have the following path:


As you noticed, there are some inconsistencies in the bumpparameters_nicas_gfs_aero.yaml configuration file (incorrect prefix key with a missing “o” here). Moreover, the output data produced by this test are not used in other tests. Indeed, since we use fixed length-scales for the NICAS localization, the hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero test uses the output data of the bumpparameters_nicas_gfs test.

I will try to clean up the “aero” configuration files, which are currently misleading. However, such a modification will not be merged into develop before Februrary, since @danholdaway is on paternity leave.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi @benjaminmenetrier . Thanks for your response. I found that I could not run the bumpparameters code with the full word “aero” in the name. Perhaps this is one of the issues. But most of the problems were solved by making sure that I was using the same version of JEDI for creating the bumpparameters files as I was using to run gdas, which I am now able to run.