Missing FieldMetaData in hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero.yaml

I’m running fv3jedi-var.x with the hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero.yaml. I’m getting an error message:

FieldMetadata::getField: Field mass_fraction_of_dust001_in_air not found in FieldsMetadata

Is this caused by an inconsistency in the yaml file? Or is it in the forward operator (AodCRTM). I haven’t seen this in earlier hyb-3dvar runs. The difference here is that I am using the calculation of stddev when I generate the bumpparameter files.

I found the problem. The experiment directory linked the wrong fieldsets directory, so it was not using the updated version. This is now resolved.

Thanks @andytangborn for letting us know - glad you found the solution!