CRTM forum?

Welcome @BenjaminTJohnson - we’re evaluating this forum as a potential user support tool for the public release of JEDI. Let me know if you want us to create a CRTM category. We’re on a free trial now - the basic pricing plan we want only allows for 5 administrators/moderators (currently myself, Tom, Yannick, Rick). Users with trust level 4 have many of the same privileges, but not to create categories. I’ll bump you up to level 4.

I don’t need additional responsibilities, so keep my trust level at whatever you think is necessary. :slight_smile:

I spoke with Tom earlier today, and he’s looking towards transitioning to these forums, and suggested that we look at creating a CRTM forum. There’s no rush, but we should have something basic in place by October.


Sounds great - It just takes a moment to create a CRTM forum as a “Category” so just say the word when you’re ready

Go ahead. I won’t drive any users that way yet.