JEDI forum organization

This is the beginning of the JEDI forum. In the future we may wish to split this up into multiple forums for development, applications, models, observations, etc. But, I suggest that we defer this categorization until we assess the usage level of this forum - how many posts will we get? After this assessment, we can create sub-categories as needed. What do you think?

When you reply to a topic, it appears as a post

Yes, let’s try it and see how it goes.

Good idea. (testing using quote)
lots of emojis! :dog: :orangutan: :hatched_chick: :hatching_chick: :fried_egg:
what is this calendar? 2020-08-07T06:00:00Z

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Discourse admins, how about adding some Star Wars emojis?


emoji group called ‘jedi’ is created (an open bug in custom emoji configuration leaves the name as ‘[en_US.emoji_picker.jedi]’ at the bottom of the emoji list), but you can use:


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