JEDI configure (ecbuild) failing with "Could NOT find PnetCDF (missing: PnetCDF_PREFIX Fortran)"

Hello -
I am running the command “ecbuild --build=Debug …/src/mpas-bundle”. It runs fine until one of the PnetCDF portions, where it dies with:

Could NOT find PnetCDF (missing: PnetCDF_PREFIX Fortran)

I don’t know what “PnetCDF_PREFIX Fortran” refers to. Please, can someone clue me in here. I don’t see a Fortran component in my PnetCDF build. (I realize that netCDF has a Fortran component, i.e., libnetcdff.a). The other PnetCDF portions in CMakeCache.txt are fine.

I am running on Debian Linux.


cmake was causing me issues, so I discovered “autoreconf -I” would create the ‘configure’ file which I am more familiar with. Problem solved.