Unable to build FV3 due to MPI

New user here, trying to build fv3 for the first time. I am getting the following message while trying to build oops:

Could NOT find MPI_C
Could NOT find MPI_CXX
Could NOT find MPI_Fortran

First question: are these required to build the software? Second question, if they are required, what do I set these options to? I have OpenMP but I don’t believe I have MPI. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Andy, can you expand a little bit on what exactly you are trying to build. FV3 (the FV3 dycore alone) or JEDI-FV3?

Both require compilers, MPI, which you can install in many different ways, and additional libraries. For JEDI-FV3, the dependencies are rather complex. Building and Running JEDI — JEDI Documentation 1 documentation is a good starting point for how to build the dependencies.

As an alternative, you can use one of the containers that we provide and that has everything preinstalled to build jedi-fv3 and other parts of our software ecoysystem out of the box.