Mpasjedi_hofx3d:error reading RRTMG_SW_DATA on unit 101

I worked on mpasjedi_hofx3d well three months agao. When I repeated runing mpasjedi_hofx3d today, “error reading RRTMG_SW_DATA” was reported. I do not think the file RRTMG_SW_DATA has been changed. Anybody has had such experience? The information in the log file of error is :
Beginning MPAS-atmosphere Error Log File for task 0 of 1
Opened at 2022/07/22 13:19:39

ERROR: ------------------------------ FATAL CALLED ------------------------------
ERROR: module_ra_rrtmg_sw: error reading RRTMG_SW_DATA on unit 101
CRITICAL ERROR: MPAS core_physics abort
Logging complete. Closing file at 2022/07/22 13:19:39

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

I forgot to set the environment for GFORTRAN_CONVERT_UNIT:"export GFORTRAN_CONVERT_UNIT=‘big_endian:101-200’“. It runs ok now. Sorry for the mistake I’ve made.

Great! I’ve just returned to the forum to let you know that none of the local mpas-jedi experts have seen this error. Glad you found the problem.