No ecbuild on Cheyenne supercomputer

I followed instructions below to compile JEDI on Cheyenne, but then there’s no command ecbuild, what module should I load in order to have ecbuild? I have loaded modules of eckit and ecflow. Thanks,

module purge
module use /glade/work/jedipara/cheyenne/spack-stack/modulefiles/misc
module load miniconda/3.9.12
module load ecflow/5.8.4
module use /glade/work/jedipara/cheyenne/spack-stack/spack-stack-v1/envs/skylab-3.0.0-intel-
module load stack-intel/
module load stack-intel-mpi/2019.7.217
module load stack-python/3.9.12

module available
module show ecbuild

You can load jedi-fv3-env, jedi-mpas-env or whatever module you want to build (again, check module available)

module load jedi-fv3-env/1.0.0
which ecbuild