Obs filtering

I’ve just run into a problem when I apply obs filtering in the hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero.yaml file that didn’t occur before. And I wonder if recent changes to the .nc4 file structure are the cause. When I try to filter obs using “Domain Check”, I get undefined (meaning e+38) values for oman and hofx1. Have there been changes that would cause the following yaml section to fail?

obs operator:
  name: AodCRTM
  Absorbers: [H2O,O3]
  obs options:
    Sensor_ID: v.viirs-m_npp
    EndianType: little_endian
    CoefficientPath: Data/crtm/
    AerosolOption: aerosols_gocart_default
obs error:
  covariance model: diagonal
obs filters:
- filter: Domain Check
  filter variables:
  - name: aerosol_optical_depth
    channels: 4
  - variable:
      name: latitude@MetaData
    minvalue: 0

@andytangborn there have been many recent changes to UFO and IODA which potentially have impacted your hyb-3dvar_gfs_aero testing. Since you are suspecting the .nc4 file structure, could you submit a ZenHub issue in ioda with more details on what the failure is and how to reproduce it. That would greatly help us debug this.