Running JEDI with ROPP operator

I have been running DA experiments for my goal of assimilating GNSS RO using both refractivity and bending angle operators. I am having problems getting the ROPP operators to work and am in need of some assistance.

First off, I have agreed to the license agreement for ROPP and emailed the people at ROM SAF to confirm and they informed me that there is nothing more I need to do and I am cleared to use ROPP with JEDI.

Now how do I actually use the ROPP operators in JEDI? Do I have to do something special when compiling? I compiled as I usually do for my other DA experiments (from the jedi-gnu-openmpi-dev-latest.sif container) that used the NBAM and Refractivity operators and simply selected the ROPP1D operator at runtime and I got empty results with no DA assimilation performed.

Can someone please let me know the steps to get the ROPP operators working on my system?