ROPP-UFO optional package not found for Build and Test JEDI-FV3

Hi, I’m new to JEDI and have begun working with FV3-JEDI with the goal of assimilating GNSS RO (using both refractivity and bending angle operators) for DA experiments.

When following the “Tutorial: Build and Test JEDI-FV3” everything went well except a package I believe I need was not found, i.e. ropp-ufo. Here is an excerpt from the results of the compilation:

– The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:

  • rttov (required version >= 12.1.0)
  • gsw
  • MKL
  • ropp-ufo
  • geos-aero

Can someone please advise me on how to get FV3-JEDI compiled with the capability to assimilate GNSS RO?

Hi @mjm. These optional packages are not needed to build JEDI. MKL is not needed if you already have lapack (which the singularity container has). The ROPP package is not produced by JCSDA and we do not have legal permission to distribute it. In order to use ROPP, you must request a license from EUMETSAT. Similarly for RTTOV and GEOS-AERO. The GSW package is only needed if you’re doing ocean modeling, which JEDI-FV3 does not do. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of JEDI-SOCA, which does model the ocean and will use GSW

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