Setting Surface Emissivity

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to set the surface emissivity to 1.0 instead of having the CRTM calculate it from one of the included surface options. In the included program check_crtm.f90 I tried
CALL CRTM_Options_SetEmissivity(opt, 1.0_fp)
But I get the error “There is no specific subroutine for the generic ‘crtm_options_setemissivity’”. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but what is the correct way?


Hello @JackD. Following the CRTM User Guide, you can set a custom surface emissivity in the following way:

! Specify the use of user-defined emissivities...
opt%Use_Emissivity = .TRUE.
! ...defining different "grey-body" fixed emissivities for each profile 
opt(1)%Emissivity = 0.9525_fp
opt(2)%Emissivity = 0.8946_fp
additional profiles...

Note that the opt index is the corresponding atmospheric profile.

Thanks @StegmannJCSDA. My problem was that I’m using multiple sensors. Just below what you quoted from the User’s Guide is what to do in that instance. Oops, didn’t see that-sorry.


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