SkyLab 4.0 ewok experiment, where to find the running results?


I successfully ran on Orion the “gfs-3dvar-c12.yaml” experiment that came with the SkyLab 4.0 release. However, after the successful run, the workdir was automatically removed by the ewok workflow.

Now where can I find and check those running results?


Christian Sampson [10 minutes ago]
You can check much of the output at look for your name under user and then select the experiment id of your run. Or are you looking for log files?

Hailingz [5 minutes ago]
I comment on the line of “finishExperiment” in ewok/src/ewok/ to keep the working directory

You can also run your experiment with --test to keep the everything in your workdir: --test gfs-3dvar-c12.yaml

Got it. Thanks @hailingz @maryamao and Christian Sampson