SkyLab5 experiment descriptions/status

I’m trying to understand the current state of SkyLab experiments located in the SkyLab experiments directory. What I’m after is a complete workflow that does cycled DA and forecasts. For my purposes, starting with something very simple is best. I don’t care about obs, they can either be simulated or real, whatever is easier. I’m looking at the QG experiments, because that seems like a great place to start working with JEDI workflows that are most likely to be fully featured (all various options and applications are currently working and supported) and see:

  • qg-3dvar.yaml
  • qg-4dvar.yaml
  • qg-fullDA.yaml

I can make some guesses about what these do from their names, but I’m wondering if there is some documentation somewhere that summarizes what each of these experiments includes. I’m also wondering how many of the experiments in the 5.0.0 release branch are working/supported since the documentation seems only to list a handful which don’t include any that are of interest to me.