Best way to acquire test case configuration and data for FV3 and/or MPAS


I am researching and building a distributed heterogeneous workflow system for running Exascale NWP modeling experiments across multiple, geographically, distributed, diverse HPC systems. I know that SkyLab/Ewok are JEDI’s workflow tools, and I am looking into becoming more familiar with them. However, while there are some commonalities, my goals and targets are different. I am looking for sample test cases for DA workflows for either FV3 or MPAS. The long term goal is a large ensemble DA workflow for very high horizontal resolution spread across many different resources. To get started I need a case and some input/obs data and a pointer to the most mature bundle suitable for doing this work. The test case/data doesn’t have to be real (so I can use JEDI to make the obs if needed), and the forecasts don’t have to be scientifically wonderful (my work is on the distributed workflow infrastructure, not the forecast quality). While I explore the current offerings in the SkyLab documentation, I was hoping there might be someone with whom I could consult about the best bundle/model for use in my work and what the best way for acquiring a test case might be.