Surface DA using the GSISfcModel operator

I’m trying to assimilate surface data using JEDI-FV3. When I chose the obs operator GSISfcModel to assimilate surface observations, it reported errors of not containing some fields including the surface_geopotential_height, surface_temperature, surface_roughness_length. Could someone tell me how can I set my yaml files for a successful test?

Unfortunately, this operator is obsolete and is not available for use. It was in a discussion to be removed. Here is the link to the issue:
It stays in UFO only for validation purposes since there is no other option yet. But it would be temporary. I am sorry about the inconvenience.

Thanks for informing me of that. Right now I’m using the VertInterp for surface winds, temperature, and humidity variables and SfcPCorrected for surface pressure. Do you have any recommendations for the surface DA scheme in JEDI?
Thanks a lot!