Building IODA converter for IODA formatted obs encoding

Is it possible that ioda-converters can be built as a standalone utility without the ioda-bundle? If yes, how please?
I am given access to ioda-converters but not ioda-bundle. Or if it is possible that the access to ioda-bundle can be given to me?

Unfortunately, at this time you need to build the converters (ioda-converters repo) using ioda-bundle.

We will need to get you access to ioda-bundle. Currently ioda-bundle is only available in the private jcsda-internal github organization. We are giving access to jscda-internal to contributors who are listed in our Annual Operating Plan (AOP). If you are listed in the AOP, send us your github user name and we can give you access. If you are not listed in the AOP, perhaps a colleague of yours who is listed can create a workspace for you use. If neither of these work, let me know and we will figure something out.

Once you get access to ioda-bundle, then use the option -DBUILD_IODA_CONVERTERS=ON on the ecbuild command line to build the converters.

Thanks very much for your response! Unfortunately, neither of the options would work for me, as neither my close colleagues nor myself is listed in the AOP. Please let me know how else I can have a build of IODA-bundle, which will be enormously helpful. Thanks in advance!

@xtian15 could you give me a little background on the work you are doing with the converters. Your organization, your project, and how you are using JEDI. Also are you planning on contributing to JEDI? That information will help me come up with a solution. Thanks!