Compiling IODA converters

Today at the academy I was directed to the the IODA converters when I inquired about ingesting my own data into JEDI.

I tried following the instructions on compilation but they reference a ioda-bundle which seems to not exist:
ioda-converters/ at develop · JCSDA-internal/ioda-converters · GitHub

Please advise on how to compile the ioda-converters, in particular the GNSSRO converter. I tried to wing it using the JupyterLab and my intuition but failed.

Hi @mjm,

You should be able to build ioda-converters from the fv3-bundle. Try adding the following command in the file: ~/jedi/fv3-bundle/CMakeLists.txt

ecbuild_bundle( PROJECT iodaconv GIT "" BRANCH develop UPDATE )

Place this command right after the ecbuild_bundle command for the ioda repository.

Then go to your build area and re-run your make command (make -j8, eg). You should see a iodaconv clone show up in ~/jedi/fv3-bundle, along with two new executables in your_build_dir/bin/ directory called gnssro_bufr2ioda and gnssro_gsidiag2ioda. You can give the gnssro_bufr2ioda a try with your data (which must be in BUFR format). The usage for gnssro_bufr2ioda is:

gnssro_bufr2ioda analysis_time input_bufr_file output_ioda_file

where analysis time is an integer in the form of YYYYMMDDhh (year, month, day, hour).

Look in ~/jedi/fv3-bundle/iodaconv/test/CMakeLists.txt, search for gnssro_bufr_conv to see an example.

I can help if you have more questions.


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