Can’t download fix_REL-2.4.0.tgz

I saw the same title I posted here in the “Uncategorized” section, but I did not see a response so I thought I would move it to the CRTM category. I cloned CRTM v2.4.0 and am working my way through the setup procedure, but the didn’t work.

Also, I’m just starting to use the CRTM and am wondering if v2.4.0 is the best version to begin with. Thanks for the help.

I wonder if this has to do with the FTP server being taken down … see the change here: Update crtm and add crtm-fix from NOAA-EMC/JCSDA spack fork by climbfuji · Pull Request #34715 · spack/spack · GitHub → var/spack/repos/builtin/packages/crtm-fix/ line 15 or 35.

Thanks for directing me to the code with the ssec server. I swapped that in for the defunct ucar server and got the file just fine.