FY4 GIIRS coefficient file

I want to use CRTM to carry out data assimilation experiment and compare the result with RTTOV’s. However, I can not find FY-4 GIIRS coefficient files in version-2.4.0 (the CRTM user guide says: Updated sensor coefficient files EON-MW, GOES 17 ABI update for 81K fix, FY4-GIIRS). Could you tell me how can I access the FY-4 GIIRS coefficient file?

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Hello @Jepaung , welcome to the forum.
FY-4-GIIRS should be listed as giirsB1_fsr_fy4a or giirsB2_fsr_fy4a.

Hello Stegmann, thank you for your reply.
I have download fix_REL-2.4.0.tgz using the latest Get_CRTM_Binary_Files.sh script, but I cannot find giirsB1_fsr_fy4a or giirsB2_fsr_fy4a. Could you give me an available link to download FY-4 GIIRS coefficient files?

For the time being you can download the coefficients here:


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: