Combine multiple 2D IODA files to one output file


Is there a script or python code in JEDI to combine multiple 2D IODA V3 observation files (e.g., ObsValue/aerosolOpticalDepth(Location, Channel)) into one output file? I attempted to modify for the 1D case with “Location” only for this purpose. But it hasn’t been successful yet.


Hi Bo,

We are working on an official solution for combining files/obs spaces, but this is still under development. In the meantime it might be best to try NCO tools to combine files. was made specifically for the ncdiag ioda converter (while processing conventional obs data) and I’m not sure it would be easy to make this script work with 2D data.

Take a look at this note about using NCO tools to concatenate files: GES DISC. You should be able to substitute “Location” for “TIME” in their example. This should handle multi-dimensional variables.

I’m happy to help if you have more questions about this.


Hi Steve,

Thanks very much for your quick response and sharing the link. It worked to use NCO tools to concatenate 2D AOD IODA v3 files.