CRTM coefficients for JPSS-2

JPSS-2 will be launched Nov 1. Do you have CRTM coefficients for ATMS onboard this new satellite?


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Yes, ATMS CRTM coefficients for JPSS-2 are ready and available.

Could you tell me where I can download the coefficients for JPSS-2?

The coefficients are available on the coefficient generation repository and will be added to the data tarball as soon as possible.
If this is an urgent case, please send me an email directly.

I am wondering if CRTM coeffs for J2 CrIS is available now. How can I download and integrate the new coefficients into CRTM v2.3.0? In the previous message, may I know where is the coefficient generation repository? any link or hits? Thanks.

Hello @kzhang, welcome to the forum. Yes, J2 CrIS coefficients are available. Please contact me via email for them.
The coefficient generation repository is currently an internal release.