ODAS TauCoeff for noaa20 ATMS

Following crtm user guide, I run the following command to get the coefficients:
sh Get_CRTM_Binary_Files.sh
But I found the folder ‘fix’ doesn’t contain the ODAS TauCoeff for noaa20 ATMS. Could you tell me where I can get these coefficients?
I tested the ODAS and ODPS on crtm 2.1.3 for NPP and the results are quite different. I’m using EC as input. The temperature (K), humidity (mass mixing ratio g/kg) and O3 (volume mixing ratio ppmv) are provided on pressure levels (hpa). Should I use ODAS or ODPS? What is the difference between them?
Thank you!



@Jun pure ODAS coefficients are commonly used for instruments in the visible band. ODPS and mixed ODPS/ODAS coefficients are used for IR and MW instruments. If an instrument has both ODAS and ODPS coefficients, then these cover different channels of the instrument.

Understood. Thanks!