Running JEDI Tutorial Image on ARM64

Hello, is it possible to shell into the Jedi amd64 tutorial images from an arm64 machine using singularity? I am currently running Ubuntu on a VM hosted on an M1 Mac with ARM64 architecture. When I try to shell into the image downloaded from the jscda repo, I get the error “could not open image /home/dir1/jedi/src/jedi-tutorial_latest.sif: the image’s architecture (amd64) could not run on the host’s (arm64)”. Wondering if there is an equivalent arm64 image I am missing out on or there is a workaround.

Thank you.

Hi Femik,

I suspect that the Singularity container was built for Intel architecture. The new M1 Macs come with a Intel emulator (named Rosetta) so I think the fix will be to get a version of your VM that is based on the Intel architecture. Some vendors have been good about providing both Intel and arm64 versions of products so it might be as easy as downloading the Intel version. You may have to revert to an older version of the VM to get one that is Intel based.

One way to test what you have is to use the “arch” command (/usr/bin/arch). It will return “arm64” if you are on native M1, and some indication of Intel (i386, x86_64, etc) if you are running Rosetta. One you start up your VM, you can enter and use the arch command to see what you have.

Hope this helps!


Thank you stephenh. I will be trying out the VM with Intel architecture.