Versioning strategy


I’m a little confused about the way versions are numbered for JEDI. On ReadTheDocs there are latest, stable, 5.0.0, 1.7.0, …, 1.0.0, develop. I’m not sure which are referring to SkyLab or Jedi-bundle, or other things. Is latest the same as develop? And stable is the same as the most recent release?

Can someone help me understand how the versions numbered and what JEDI product(s) they refer to? There are a zillion bundles, and there is SkyLab, and I’m confused about what I should be looking at for accomplishing different things.

@cwharrop I agree the versioning is a bit wonky with the documentation. I think we started out simply numbering the version of the documentation by itself and then decided to make the version number match the skylab release version (ie, that’s why the version suddenly jumps to 5.0.0). skylab v5 is the latest release that just occurred about a month ago.

I think this makes sense and will simplify things moving forward.

Another thing to consider is the spack-stack version, which is on a different count than skylab. The spack-stack releases are quarterly, but offset in-between the skylab releases. The latest spack-stack release is 1.4.0, and 1.5.0 is targeted for Sep 8th.

There are two documents to check: spack-stack ReadTheDocs and jedi ReadTheDocs:

The idea is to pair up the spack-stack release with the skylab release that just occurred after the spack-stack release. Then use the documents corresponding to those releases. Currently, this means:

  • spack-stack-1.4.0 (use 1.4.0 version of spack-stack docs)
  • skylab v5 (use 5.0.0 version of jedi docs)

After the next skylab release (v6, targeted for end of September) and when you decide to switch, then use:

  • spack-stack-1.5.0 (1.5.0 version of spack-stack docs)
  • skylab v6 (use 6.0.0 version of jedi docs)

I think both the latest and stable version in the documentation are based on develop branches, but I’m not sure why there are two versions for this.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for taking the time to explain that. It is very helpful and clears up some things for sure. Good to know about the interleaving of spack-stack and skylab releases and how they are interrelated.